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So, who is this "Nokdef" guy anyway?

Hello World;

It feels quite pretentious writing about myself on a website that is quintessentially about technical topics, but I do feel entitled to a few paragraphs on the spotlight for all my effort.

I'm a 22-year-old Brazilian who wants to spread my knowledge around. My actual name is Leonardo, and I'm a cat-loving, Dota addicted Technical Artist. I stumbled on game development through Valve's modding community and have managed to monetized my hobby through shaders and visual effects ever since.

My main endeavor right now - aside from my regular work at Deck Nine - is to make the best free course on technical art on the internet. So far, I haven't got much to show for it, aside from a bunch of scripts that have yet to be released, but the end-goal is to have a course that makes you employable by the end of it.

Sure, it won't cover the nitty-gritty of HLSL or the depths of rendering engineering, but it should cover enough to make you employable as a junior in the industry. Basic maths, node-based shaders and so on.

In the meantime, I'll try to update my YouTube channel and this website with more topical tutorials on how to achieve certain technical feats on either Unreal or Unity.

I also make a bunch of Unity assets that I sell on the Unity Asset Store, so you can get some high quality effects there from yours truly.

Thanks for reading! 😁